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The first publisher-led programmatic advertising marketplace in Thailand

" We provide advertisers with more control to layer on their own data, audience insights and programmatic advertising across OPPA’s fifteen leading publishers. "


Online Premium Publisher Association Thailand (OPPA) is the first and largest consortium of premium digital publishers in Thailand, founded by trusted and major media companies with Innity as an exclusive business and technology partner, offering Thailand its first publisher-led programmatic advertising marketplace platform.

Premium Quality

With the ever-concerning digital issues on brand safety, ad fraud and viewability, OPPA offers advertisers more control and ease of access, all within a brand-safe environment – a truly premium programmatic offering.






No Fraud



Advertisers can buy into OPPA’s premium publishers network channels that is compatible with Demand Side Providers (DSPs) and Supply Side Providers (SSPs) as well as with the Automated Self-Serve Dashboard capacity, while having exclusive access to real-time mobile inventory and innovation creative formats for better experience and engagement rates.

High-Impact Ad Formats

We provide creative advertising formats exclusive to OPPA inventories.

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